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Splicer Machine: TEKCN Super X PAS alignment Fusion Splicer

Splicer machine price in Bangladesh is affordable, especially with TEKCN Super X leading the market. TEKCN(Shenzhen) has been dedicated to providing top-notch fusion splicers for over a decade. With its own R&D department, TEKCN ensures world-standard quality in all their products. SkyLink International, the only authorized distributor in Bangladesh, proudly offers the TEKCN Super X, a high-performance and cost-effective cladding alignment single core fiber fusion splicer. This splicer boasts a mini handheld design, integrated buttons, and a touch screen for simple operation. Its low energy consumption makes it ideal for FTTx projects. Considering the splicer machine price in Bangladesh, the TEKCN Super X is unmatched in quality and performance, making it the best choice for professionals. Choose TEKCN Super X for the best splicer machine price in Bangladesh and experience the difference in your fiber optic projects.

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    Size 208x137x102(mm), 1.1kg, 1.36kg with battery
    Fiber Alignment 4 motor PAS alignment
    Fiber Type Single fiber
    Fiber Holder 3 in 1 multifunctional fiber holder, compatible with all types of optical fibers such as bare fiber, drop cable, jumper/patch cord, pigtail etc
    Applicable Fiber SM(ITU-T G.652), MM(ITU-T G.651), DS(ITU-T G.653), NZ/NZDS(ITU-TG.655), BI(ITU-T G.657)
    Fiber clading diameter 80-150 (μm)
    Fiber Coating diameter 100-1000 (μm)
    Cleave Length 8-16 mm
    Splice mode Total 100 modes, support self-defined modes and parameters
    Splicing time 7s (SM Fast)
    Heating mode Total 20 modes, support self-defined modes and parameters
    Heating time 15s
    Application protection sleeve 10-60mm
    Splice image storage Max. 300 (Automatic Loop Storage)
    Splice result storage Max. 10000
    Average splicing loss SM: 0.02dB, MM: 0.01dB, DS: 0.04dB, NZ/NZDS: 0.04dB, BI 0.02dB ( ITU-T standard)
    Return loss >60dB
    Loss estimation mode High precision loss estimation
    Fiber tensile test force 2N
    Display 4.3 inch high brightness display, with touch screen
    Visual system X and Y dual view display 130X on the same screen; X or Y single view independent display at 300x magnification
    Connection port high speed USB port
    Electrodes life Typical 5000 splices
    Power supply AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
    Battery 4000mAh high-capacity battery, supporting continuous splicing and heating for more than 240 times; Standard charging time of 3 hours (2 hours to charge to 80% )
    Operation condition 

    Altitude: 0-5000m, Temperature: -10 to 50℃

    Humidity: 0-95%RH, Max. wind 15m/sec

    Storage condition

    Temperature: -40 to 80℃ (Battery: -10 to 40℃ )

    Humidity: 0-95%RH


Super X fusion splicer summarized ◆ 7s splicing, 15s heating ◆ 4 motors PAS alignment ◆ Designed for FTTX / CATV ◆ 300X single axis view (X or Y) ◆ 4000mAh large capacity battery, supports 240 splice and heat cycles
Exclusive UI design Double V-groove ◆ Double V-groove can help to fusion the fiber even the worker didn’t put the fiber on the bottom of the V-groove. ◆ The worker can use directly without skill or experience. ◆ Make your work faster and more efficient.
High electordes discharge control, Button+touch designed Easy to operate ◆ ID electrodes ◆ Anti-counterfeit QR code ◆ Original electrodes ensures best ARC results ◆ Electrodes life ≥5000 discharges
Designed for use in harsh environments Waterproof, Dustproof, Windproof, Anti-shock
ACCOMPLISHMENTS ◆ The first Chinese brand that has won the real core to core, 5G fiber (G654) and ribbon fiber fusion splicer bid in China telecom. ◆ Passed the strict testing of projects in different countries. ◆ Over 5000m high altitude testing ◆ Low temperature testing in - 40℃. ◆ Real core to core testing Automatically identify fiber types.